What Our Visitors Say
“Thanks again for allowing us to stay at your site. I believe this is our 8th time staying at the Washington Seminar Center!  It’s always been such a wonderful experience staying at your church. It’s nice because the students have more together time than they would at a regular hotel. ”
– Soraya , leader of 55-member group from Florida, 2013
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Available Media

Various groups and individuals have provided resources for use during your stay at the WSC. Please treat these DVD and VHS media in ways so that the next group may also use them with ease. Please inform the coordinator if media is unusable. This list gives you most of the media available in the WSC. Contact the WSC if there is something specific.

Washington D.C.

  1. Picturing the President. Smithsonian Networks, 2008. DVD. 70 minutes.
  2. America’s Greatest Monuments. Smithsonian Networks, 2008. DVD. 56 minutes.


  1. Babe. Perf. Jason Cromwell. Universal City Studios. 1995. VHS. 1 hour 32 minutes.
  2. Back to the Future: Part III. Perf. Michael J. Fox. Universal. 1990. DVD. 1 hour 58 minutes.
  3. Back to the Future: Part II. Perf. Michael J. Fox. Universal. 1989. DVD. 1 hour 58 minutes.
  4. Cloverfield. Perf. Lizzy Caplan. 2008. DVD. 85 minutes.
  5. The Color Purple. Perf. Whoopi Goldberg Warner Bros. Pictures. 1985. DVD. 154 minutes.
  6. Dead Poets Society. Dir. Peter Weir. Perf. Robin Williams. Touchstone Home Video, 1989. Videocassette. 128 minutes.
  7. Gandhi. Perf. Ben Kingsley. Columbia Tri Star Entertainment. 1982. DVD. 1 hour 58 minutes.
  8. Gladiator. Perf. Russell Crowe. Dreamworks Entertainment.  2000. DVD. 2 hours 35 minutes.
  9. Khartoum. Perf. Charlton Heston. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment. 1966. DVD. 2 hours 16 minutes.
  10. Laura Croft: Tomb Raider. Perf. Angelina Jolie. Paramount Home Video. 2001. DVD. 100 minutes.
  11. Lars and the Real Girl. Perf. Ryan Gosling. MGM/UA Home Video. 2007. DVD. 106 minutes.
  12. A League of Their Own. Perf. Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna. Columbia Tristar Home Video. 1992. VHS. 126 minutes.
  13. Sword of Honor. Perf. Daniel Craig. Acorn Media. 2001. DVD 193 minutes.
  14. The Tick. (entire series) Perf. Patrick Warburton. Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment. 2002.
  15. Titanic. Dir. James Cameron. Paramount Pictures Corporation. 1999. 198 minutes.
  16. The Russia House. Perf. Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer.MGM/UA Home Video. 1990. VHS. 126 minutes.


  1. The Architecture of Doom. First Run Features. 1991. DVD. 119 minutes.
  2. Ballou. Dir. Michael Patrei. Garden Thieves Pictures. 2008. DVD. 86 minutes.
  3. Beyond the News: Homelessness. 1994. VHS. 30 minutes. Interviews former homeless persons and professionals who work with the homeless about statistics, the new homeless, economics, shelters, and the church from a Christian perspective.
  4. Beyond the News: Immigration. 1999. VHS. 20 minutes. Takes viewers to Florida, Texas, Mexico and New York to look at issues like the border, economics, the working immigrant, political asylum, resettlement and from fear to dreams.
  5. Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary. Sony Pictures Classics. 2003. DVD. 87 minutes.
  6. The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Ocean World and Frozen Seas. BBC/Discovery Channel. 2001. DVD. 98 minutes.
  7. The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Open Ocean and The Deep. BBC/Discovery Channel. 2001. DVD. 98 minutes.
  8. The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Seasonal Seas and Coral Seas. BBC/Discovery Channel. 2001. DVD. 98 minutes.
  9. The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Tidal Seas and Coasts. BBC/Discovery Channel. 2001. DVD. 98 minutes.
  10. The Bush Crimes Commission Hearings. International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration. 2006. DVD.
  11. China: A Century of Revolution, Parts 1, 2 and 3. WGBH Educational Foundation. 2001. DVD. 360 minutes.
  12. China from the Inside. PBS Home Video. 2006. DVD. 4 hours.
  13. Control Room. Lions Gate Home Entertainment. 2004. DVD. 86 minutes.
  14. The Easiest Targets: The Israeli Policy of Strip Searching Women and Children. If Americans Only Knew. 2007. DVD. 13 minutes.
  15. Egypt’s Golden Empire. PBS DVD Video. 2001. DVD. 160 minutes.
  16. Faces of Homelessness. National Coalition for the Homeless. 2000. VHS. 14 minutes.
  17. Gaza Strip. Arab Film Distribution. 2002. DVD. 74 minutes.
  18. Global Warming: The Signs and The Science. PBS Home Video. 2005. DVD. 60 minutes.
  19. The Greater Good. Dir. Leslie Manookian Kendall. BNP Pictures Production. 2011. DVD. 84 minutes.
  20. Hebron Stories: From Bustling City Center to a Ghost Town. 2008. DVD (plays on computer only). 23 minutes.
  21. Heritage: Civilization and the Jews. Home Vision Entertainment. DVD. 1984. Nine one hour episodes.
  22. Incompatible with Christian Teaching. ThreeSimpleRules. 2012. DVD. 45 minutes.
  23. In Search of the Polio Vaccine. The History Channel. 1997. DVD. 50 minutes.
  24. An Inconvenient Truth. Paramount Classics. 2006. DVD. 96 minutes.
  25. Inside Mecca. National Geographic. 2003. DVD. 60 minutes.
  26. Islam: Empire of Faith. PBS DVD Gold. DVD. 163 minutes.
  27. It’s Worse Than You Think. World Can’t Wait. DVD.
  28. Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. 2006. DVD. 75 minutes.
  29. The Journey Home: Memorial Day Special with Guy Gruters. Eternal World Television Network. 2006. DVD. 60 minutes.
  30. Kalachakra Empowerment (Parts 1-4). Land of Medicine Buddha. 2004. DVD.
  31. The Knights Templar. American Home Treasures. 2002. DVD. 120 minutes.
  32. Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World. PBS DVD Gold. 2003. DVD. 120 minutes.
  33. Legacy of Faith II: A Church for the 21st Century. 2000. VHS. 32 minutes. Profiles four African American United Methodist churches: St. John’s, Houston, TX; Immanuel, Lafayette, LA; Crossroads, Compton, CA; and Ben Hill, Atlanta, GA. Gives information about an initiative to strengthen African American United Methodist Church congregations.
  34. Mahamudra: Transmission & Teachings by the Venerable Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche. Vajrapani Institute. 2004. DVD.
  35. Martin Luther. PBS Home Video. 2002. DVD. 110 minutes.
  36. The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance. PBS DVD Gold. 2003. DVD. 220 minutes.
  37. Moyers on America: Capitol Crimes. FMG Home Video. 2006. DVD. 120 minutes.
  38. Moyers on America: The Net @ Risk. FMG Home Video. 2006. DVD. 120 minutes.
  39. Moyers on America: Is God Green? FMG Home Video. 2006. DVD. 120 minutes.
  40. Muslims. Frontline. 2002. DVD.120 minutes.
  41. Napoleon: Soldier, Empower, Lover, Statesman. PVS DVD Video. 2000. DVD. 4 hours.
  42. Salud. Dir. Connie Field. MEDICC. 2006. DVD. 93 minutes.
  43. Siko. Perf. Michael Moore. Dog Eat Dog Films. 2007. DVD. 123 minutes.
  44. Tents: The Patchwork Project. Dir. Francesca Roveda. Francesca Roveda LLC. 2008. DVD. 18 minutes.
  45. Terror Storm. Jones Productions. 2006. DVD. 134 minutes.
  46. Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion. Prods. Maria Florio, Victoria Mudd, Tom Peosay, Sue Peosay. Earthworks Film, Inc. 2003. DVD. 104 minutes.
  47. Tragedy in the Holy Land: The Second Uprising. MPI Media Group. 2001. DVD. 121 minutes.
  48. World War I in Color (Part One). Capital Entertainment. 2003. DVD. 312 minutes.
  49. World War I in Color (Part Two). Capital Entertainment. 2003. DVD. 65 minutes.