What Our Visitors Say
“Thanks again for allowing us to stay at your site. I believe this is our 8th time staying at the Washington Seminar Center!  It’s always been such a wonderful experience staying at your church. It’s nice because the students have more together time than they would at a regular hotel. ”
– Soraya , leader of 55-member group from Florida, 2013
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Floor Plan & Info

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Questions Asked by Groups Leaders and WSC Answers

About the Kitchen

  1. Do you have flatware? Yes, enough spoons, knives and forks for up to 60 people.
  2. Do you have tableware or dinnerware? Yes, enough plates and bowls for up to 60 people.
  3. Do you have mugs and drinking cups? Yes, enough for up to 60 people.
  4. Is there a waffle or pancake maker? No.
  5. How many toasters are there? One four-slice and two two-slice.
  6. Do you have any coolers? One small hard-sided cooler.
  7. Are there any big beverage dispensers (not pitchers)? No.
  8. Is there an ice machine or ice maker? No. If you bought bags of ice there is a freezer in the refrigerator.
  9. What about coffee makers? There are three of these capacities: 12 cups, 12 cups, and 30 cups. Filters are provided by the WSC.
  10. What about hot water? There is an urn designated for water only.
  11. How many ovens? Two.
  12. How many burners are there on the stove? Six.
  13. Are there any microwaves? Two.
  14. Are there any blenders? Two.
  15. Are there refrigerators? Two, one for each group if sharing the WSC.
  16. Are there any mixers? One.
  17. Do you have mixing bowls? Yes, about 10 all on the large side.
  18. Any popcorn poppers? One.
  19. Do you have cookie sheets? Yes, about ten large ones.
  20. How many frying pans? Three large pans and a wok.
  21. How many pots? Six medium sized and four very large stock pots.
  22. Do you have colanders? Yes, four very large ones.
  23. What about cooking and serving utensils? There is a large number of spatulas (including slotted ones), stirring spoons (including slotted ones), whisks and knives, as well as an assortment of serving utensils. We also have an ice cream scoop and a small supply of birthday candles.
  24. Does the WSC provide things like aluminum foil, plastic wrap or wax paper? While other groups may have left such items in the kitchen, the WSC does not stock any of this.
  25. Are there aprons, dish cloths and dish towels? Yes, plenty.